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March 9, 2013
9:00 AM
Federal Way Courtyard by Marriott
31910 Gateway Center Blvd South
Federal Way, WA 98003

City Council Special Meeting/Council Retreat

Saturday, March 9

The Retreat’s Goals:

Discuss how a Performing Arts and Conference Center (PACC) and the AMC property might fit within the City’s vision for downtown and economic growth, and see if there is a consensus among the Council for taking an initial step to produce a design of a PACC.

Discuss potential strategies to attract jobs to downtown, including “rebranding” the City’s image  and marketing Federal Way’s strategic advantages. 

Discuss  trends, challenges and initiatives in public safety and opportunities the City might explore to address the issue. 

Discuss how to maintain or revive festivals, celebrations and parades in Federal Way.  __________________________________________________________________
NOTE:  Refreshments will be served beginning at 8:30.  Please come early to enjoy them and be prepared to convene the meeting precisely at 9:00.  Thank you!

I.   Welcome!  Review the Retreat’s Goals - Deputy Mayor Jim Ferrell

II.  Review Agenda and Ground Rules - Jim Reid, Facilitator

III.  Our Vision for the Future of Downtown and How  the PACC and the AMC Property Might Fit in It (This discussion is expected to last approximately 3 hours)

Context:  The Council is interested in discussing a Performing Arts and Conference Center (PACC) and the development of the AMC property in the context of the City’s efforts to expand economic opportunities and attract jobs to downtown.   A starting point for this discussion is
the City’s Comprehensive Plan and past actions to address economic
development in downtown.  Some of this was addressed in the staff’s
presentation to Council on February 11th. 

IV.  Our Vision for Economic Development in Downtown - Patrick Doherty/Council
Patrick will reiterate the City’s vision for downtown, including what has already been accomplished to advance that vision, and how the PACC and AMC property might fit within the vision.

  • What have we heard from citizens since the February 11th briefing?
  • What are the Council’s interests in the future of downtown?

The Performing Arts and Conference Center (PACC)  - Council/Mayor Priest

The Administration has proposed funding the design of the PACC as a first step in exploring its feasibility. 

  • What are the Council’s thoughts about taking this step?  
  • Looking ahead to other issues and factors that could influence the Council’s decision, what are some initial thoughts or ideas about potential uses, partners, phasing, public education, and financing?     

The AMC Property - Council/Mayor

  • Does the Council support the proposal to develop approximately half the 4-acre site as a park?
  • If so, what would be the timing for its construction?
  • For whatever part of the property is developed, what are the Council’s vision and preferences?
  • What strategies should be pursued to achieve the vision?

IV.        Public Comments on the Morning’s Discussions -  Citizens                 
This session is expected to last approximately 15-20 minutes.   If there are any citizens in attendance, the Council members and Mayor would    appreciate hearing from you about the issues we’ve been discussing this morning.  

Lunch - We anticipate breaking for lunch around 12:30 p.m. 

V.       Economic Development Opportunities and Strategies  - Council/Mayor
This discussion is expected to start around 1:00 p.m. and last approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours.
Context:  The Council is interested in expanding economic opportunities for Federal Way residents, particularly by bringing more jobs into downtown.There appears to be a consensus that creating more jobs depends on the City’s image and marketing it to the business community.

  • What has the City done in the past to communicate a positive image and market itself?  (Two short videos may be shown at this time to illustrate past efforts.)
  • What activities are underway to market the City and downtown?
  • What are the Council’s ideas and preferences for the City’s image andhow to communicate it?  Should the City undertake a “rebranding”effort to strengthen the City’s image?
  • Should the Council establish a committee of individuals who have been or are involved with economic development in the private sector to meet with two Councilmembers to offer suggestions for raising awareness of Federal Way and expanding economic opportunities?
  • What other strategies or tactics are of interest to the Council to achieve these objectives?

Break -  ten minutes  

VI.       Public Safety Trends, Opportunities and Initiatives -  Council/Mayor
 This discussion is expected to last approximately 30 minutes.
  • What are the City’s 2011-’12 crime statics, including violent and property crimes, auto theft, and gang-related crimes?  How dothese statics compare to other communities in our region?
  • What are our priorities and staffing levels?  How do our staffing levels compare to other communities?  Are grants available to provide for staffing?
  • What are some current initiatives in public safety to protect neighborhoods and schools, keep our roads and intersections safe, guard against liquor theft now that it’s sold in grocery and convenience stores, and combat gang-related crimes?
  • A history of and financial update on the South Correctional Entity (SCORE).  What should we be paying attention to in the future? 

VII.       Public Comments on the Afternoon’s Discussions  - Citizens             
 This session is expected to last approximately 15 minutes.  If there are any citizens in attendance, the Council members and Mayor would appreciate hearing from you about the issues we’ve been discussing this morning. 

VIII.     Miscellaneous Topics and Issues on the Horizon -  Council    
This discussion is expected to last approximately 20 minutes.

  • How can we maintain or revive the festivals, celebrations and parades that have contributed to Federal Way’s quality of life?
  • Are there any issues Council members see on the horizon that we will likely need to address in the next couple years?

IX.       What are We Taking Away from Today’s Retreat? - Council/Mayor

  • What was most important to you about today’s discussions?

            Adjourn - adjournment is expected at 4:15 pm