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Green Living Workshop


The City sponsors free workshops on Green Living topics including recycling, composting, edible gardening, rain barrels, solar energy, backyard chickens and more. Workshops are held throughout the community, so please check the schedule for topics, dates and locations. 

Green Cleaning Class
Thursday, March 30, 6:30 PM
Marlene’s Market & Deli, 2565 S Gateway Center Place, Federal Way
In this workshop you’ll learn how to improve your health and energy by creating a sparkly clean and vibrant home - the residue-free way. Denise Frakes from Blue Sky Services share tips and her favorite recipes for minimizing exposure to toxins, allergens and irritants.
RSVP: www.marlenesmarket-deli.com/classes


Marine Resources & Pollution Prevention Class
Tuesday, April 4, 6:30 PM
Marlene’s Market & Deli
2565 S Gateway Center Place, Federal Way
This workshop is designed to engage participants in the preservation of our natural marine resources. Participants are introduced to the marine plants and animals that inhabit Puget Sound, the ecological importance of the habitat, and the role they have in keeping it healthy. Citizens can ask questions about their specific concerns about our local environment and share how they envision the future.
RSVP: www.marlenesmarket-deli.com/classes


Got Junk? Bulky Item Recycling Options Class
Thursday, April 6, 6:30 PM
Marlene’s Market & Deli, 2565 S Gateway Center Place, Federal Way
Did you know there are local recycling options for big, bulky items like mattresses, tires, Styrofoam blocks and more? Jeanette Brizendine, City of Federal Way Recycling Project Manager will share recycling and disposal options for a variety of materials. Bring your questions and get answers!
RSVP: www.marlenesmarket-deli.com/classes


Attracting Butterflies, Bees & Birds Class
Saturday, April 8, 10 AM
Marlene’s Market & Deli, 2565 S Gateway Center Place, Federal Way
Without pollinators, we would have a third less food to eat. But without our help, pollinators like hummingbirds, butterflies, moths, bees, flies and beetles are quickly losing their food sources. This workshop will help residents create a pollinator garden in their own backyard by planting native vegetation and reducing pesticides.

RSVP: www.marlenesmarket-deli.com/classes


Worm Bins & Backyard Composting Class
Thursday, June 8, 6:30 PM
Marlene’s Market & Deli, 2565 S Gateway Center Place, Federal Way
Don’t let your food scraps go in the garbage when you can turn them into a nutrition-rich compost using a worm composting bin. Carey Thornton from Seattle Tilth will show how to set up and maintain a “red wiggler” worm composting bin, the benefits of worm castings and worm tea, and resources to get you started. In addition, this class will cover easy ways to turn your lawn clippings, fall leaves and plant trimmings into nutrient-rich compost using a backyard compost bin.
RSVP: www.marlenesmarket-deli.com/classes


Fruit Tree Pruning Class
Thursday, December 7, 6:30 PM
Marlene’s Market & Deli, 2565 S Gateway Center Place, Federal Way
Learn about various fruit tree pruning techniques, tools and local resources for additional information about growing and caring for fruit trees. Whether you are just contemplating raising edible fruit or are already in the game, this workshop will have something for you.
RSVP: www.marlenesmarket-deli.com/classes


Community Classes:

Marlene's Market: http://www.marlenesmarket-deli.com/classes/

Seattle Tilth: http://www.seattletilth.org/learn/adultclasses