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Volunteer to Stencil Storm Drains


Why stencil storm drains?

Every year, people pour pesticides, paint, antifreeze, and used motor oil down storm drains.  On top of that, the rain that falls on our roofs and streets picks up what it touches like oil from the road, yard chemicals, and pet waste and also goes down storm drains.  There is no filter or treatment to clean the water.  This polluted water runs off into our creeks and lakes and Puget Sound and can be highly toxic to our fish and wildlife.  

This summer, spend a few hours stenciling at your neighborhood storm drain to remind your community "Only Rain Down the Drain".  All materials will be provided.  Stenciling is a hands-on activity that allows volunteers to promote clean water while encouraging community stewardship.  The stencils have an important message and also identify the watershed of the storm drain. 

Do your part one drop at a time! Stencil as many storm drains as you can!  For more information or to volunteer, email SWM@cityoffederalway.com.

The stenciling program is supported by the City of Federal Way Surface Water Management Division made possible with a grant from the Department of Ecology. 

Do you live in a watershed? 
Yes, you do!  Find out which one by looking at the map below.
We all live in a watershed!   A watershed is the area of land where water that falls to the ground drains into a common outlet, like water in a funnel.  Watersheds can be as small as a footprint or large enough to encompass all the land that drains water into a large body of water, like Puget Sound.  There are four watersheds in the city of Federal Way:  Lower Puget Sound, Lower Green River, Mill Creek, and the Hylebos. Watershed protection is a means of protecting a lake, river, or stream by managing and protecting the entire watershed that drains into it.