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Youth Commission




Members of this commission serve as an advisory body to the City Council, other city commissions and city staff on issues such as finding solutions for local youth problems, providing community youth with an outlet for expressing interests and opinions, making the public aware of the Youth Commission program, and other issues of importance to youth. The Youth Commission consists of 12 voting members and 3 alternates appointed by the City Council; meetings are held once a month.

Persons appointed to serve on the commission shall reside within the Federal Way city limits during the member’s terms. The City Council will select commission members representing a diverse cross-section of the service schools. Sophomores and juniors are eligible. Members are appointed to serve two-year terms; all commissioners serve without compensation. 



  • Amy Ojeaburu
  • Nic Pagliocco
  • Emily Odom
  • Nede Obviebo
  • Ainsley Yoshizumi
  • Daniel Chung
  • Iris Hamilton
  • Ankita Sharma
  • Samuel Lee
  • Shi-Hyun “Shawn” Yu
  • Vacant, Positions
  • Vacant, Positions
  • Vacant, Alternate
  • Vacant, Alternate
  • Vacant, Alternate








    Kimberly Ledyard
    Community Recreation Coordinator

    David Clemons
    Customer Service Coordinator