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Animal Services

What can I do if I have an animal complaint or have general questions about Animal Services?

You may call Animal Services at 253.835.PETS (7387), fax in the complaint form to 253.835.6739 or email us and advise us of the issue you are facing. Download the complaint form.

Where can I find the city ordinances that pertain to Animal Services?

Federal Way offers several chapters of city codes that will assist Animal Services in protecting animals in Federal Way and solving issues. If you have an issue and want to research the city codes please look at Chapters 7.03 and 9. There are other possible chapters that may be of assistant.

How do I become a volunteer for the Animal Services Unit?

You will need to fill out and submit the applications below to the Volunteer Coordinator. Mail to: Federal Way Police Department 33325 8th Ave. S., Federal Way, WA 98003

How can I provide input to the master plan?

There are many ways to be involved with the development of the Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan. You can join our mailing list for electronic updates and notifications of community meetings on the master plan. You can attend one of the community meetings and help develop plan alternatives that address your needs and issues. If you have a particular issue you want the city to be aware of and address in the plan, see report a bike/ped need or issue below.