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Why Go Natural?

Rain washes pesticides and fertilizers off of lawns and gardens and into local waterways. Natural yard care practices can help you grow beautiful, healthy yards and gardens that are easy to care for and more resistant to pests. You can save money on expensive chemicals and fertilizers, and create a safer space for your family and pets.

How Do I Go Natural?

Follow these 5 easy steps to start practicing natural yard care today. Check out the resources section to get more in depth information on each of these steps.

Build Healthy Soil
Use compost, mulch and organic fertilizers to help build healthy soil. Healthy soil holds more water and leads to healthier plants, which means less watering and fertilizing or you.
Plant Right For Your Site
Different plants thrive in different conditions. Make sure you're picking plants based on the conditions in your own yard. Is your space bright and sunny? Choose drought tolerant plants. Low-lying and often wet? There are plants that prefer those conditions too. 
Practice Smart Watering
Smart watering leads to healthy plants that are more resistant to pests. Practice smart watering by watering deeply but infrequently, watering early in the morning or in the evenings during summer months, and making sure your irrigation system is working proprely.
Think Twice Before Using Pesticides
A healthy yard and garden does not need pesticides.Pesticides can kill the good along with the bad, and create a space that's less safe for your pets and family.
Practice Natural Lawn Care
A natural lawn is a healthy lawn, and healthy lawns need less watering, less weed and feed, and less reseeding.



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Natural Yard Care Resources

Garden Hotline - garden experts on hand to answer your questions for free.

South King Tool Library - the tool library is a community resource that provides access to tools and training to help you maintain your home and garden. 

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King County Natural Yard Care Guide

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Upcoming Events

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