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Commercial Services


Commercial Recycling Services 
Waste Management provides garbage service and limited free recycling service for businesses. Additional recycling services can be ordered from a variety of businesses. City staff will also provide support and resources to businesses and property managers to help them get the most out of their recycling programs. Contact either Waste Management or the City of Federal Way for free on-site recycling planning and recycling training for staff, custodians and maintenance personnel. 

Commercial Compost Collection
Downsize your garbage service and save money!  Waste Management provides economical food-scrap recycling service to businesses such as restaurants and grocers. Weekly service starts under $11 per month per cart (much less than regular garbage pick-up). Twice weekly service is also available. 

Yard debris and food scraps are turned into useful compost products - instead of filling up the landfill. Recycle food scraps, yard debris, wax-coated cardboard, paper towels, food-soiled paper (napkins, greasy pizza boxes) plus compostable packaging and serving ware. (No plastics, plastic bags or plastic-coated packaging, please.) For more details about food-scrap recycling, view the Waste Management business compost guidelines. Cedar Grove Composting also provides organics collection services, including larger dumpster sizes, drop boxes, plus variable service frequency. 


Please see the links below for current documents related to solid waste and recycling: