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Yard Debris & Food Scraps Recycling


Curbside Yard & Food Waste Collection
Waste Management provides weekly food and yard waste recycling collection to subscribers. Three cart sizes are available. Sign-up for weekly, year-round yard and food waste collection by visiting Waste Management’s website or calling 253-833-3333.

It's easy to add food scraps and compostable paper (like greasy pizza delivery boxes) to your yard debris cart. These "organics" are recycled into compost products - instead of clogging the landfill Visit the King County's website to learn all about what belongs in your food/yard cart, plus tips for keeping things tidy.

Everything in your food/yard waste cart is hauled to Cedar Grove Composting to be made into compost products. Please do not put anything that can’t turn into compost into your food/yard waste cart (such as plastic bags, plastic plant pots, paper coffee cups, garden hoses, juice cartons and milk cartons). Food scraps, compostable paper and yard trimmings are the only things that belong in your food/yard waste cart. Shredded paper may no longer be accepted in the food/yard waste cart due to the potential for plastic, credit cards and non-compostable material. Please refer to your Recycling Guide for more details.

Free Compostable Bag Samples
Free compostable bag samples and "how-to" guides are available to help you get started with food scrap recycling. Compostable bags make food scraps recycling easier and neater. They are strong enough to hold lots of wet food scraps for a week or longer, then quickly decompose at the compost facility. Email recycle@cityoffederalway.com to request your free sample.


Backyard Composting
Turn your yard trimmings and vegetable scraps into garden soil or mulch. For how-to information and plans for compost bins you can make, visit King County's Composting website


Bulky Branches Disposal Options
Here are a few ways to recycle bulky yard debris:
Self-haul: Load up the truck (yours, neighbor’s or rental) and haul your branches to Bow Lake Recycling & Transfer Station at 18800 Orillia Rd S in Tukwila. Fees start at $12 for the first 320 pounds—the lowest price around! You can also haul bulky branches to Federal Way's free Recycling Events (held in April and September).
Curbside: Waste Management provides a variety of collection options, from extra pick-ups to large containers delivered to your driveway. Please call 253-833-3333 for pricing and details.
Chipping: Borrow or rent a chipper and turn your branches into mulch on-site.
Tree Service: There are many tree services that will trim your trees and chip or haul away all the yard debris for you. Remember to check if they are licensed and bonded before hiring.


Holiday Tree Recycling - Free For All!
Natural holiday trees are picked up from all Federal Way residents (even those who don't subscribe to yard debris collection). Trees must be set out by 7:00 am on your regular collection day the first two weeks after Christmas. Cut trees in two if they are over six feet tall. Note: Since decorated, flocked or artificial trees cannot be composted, if they are placed outside your garbage container, they will be charged as "extra" garbage.