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Capital Improvements


The Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) program is responsible for identifying and implementing capital projects that prevent or reduce flooding or property damage; minimize erosion and instability of streambeds, banks and slopes; protect or improve water quality and maintain or improve the reliability and integrity of the drainage system. The CIP program is divided into major and minor capital projects. Implementing the major CIP program involves designing, constructing and inspecting projects. The City typically contracts out the design and construction work for major CIP projects. Minor CIP projects, on the other hand, are typically designed and constructed by Surface Water Management staff, provided the estimated construction cost is under $25,000. 

The City uses the Comprehensive Surface Water Facility Plan to guide decisions and prioritize projects. Many of the projects and improvements identified in the plan have been completed
Lakota Park Stormwater Facility Repair Project
This project is to repair the Lakota berm that forms a boundary between Lakota Park and Lakota Wetlands, and replace approximately 470 lineal feet of an 18-inch diameter pipe downstream of the control structure that regulates flow from the wetlands area. In 2015, water within the wetlands overtopped the berm, flooding the park, playing fields, track and portions of 21st Ave SW and Dash Point Road. This flooding was caused by a combination of localized settlement of the berm and blockage at the outlet control structure. The Lakota Park Stormwater Facility Repair Project will restore the berm and pipe to operational condition, prevent further damage to City of Federal Way infrastructure, and allow for safe passage on City roads.
The project is funded by both the City’s Surface Water utility fund and King County Flood Control District Flood Reduction Grant.
Schedule: Completed Fall 2018
Budget: $579,000
West Hylebos Creek South 373rd Street Gravel Removal Project
This project will remove approximately 110 cubic yards of streambed gravel from a small branch of West Hylebos Creek in the vicinity of the old South 373rd Street bridge crossing. The creek has been dredged at this location multiple times in the past. The last dredging operation was performed in 2008. Since then, a significant amount of gravel has been re-deposited underneath the bridge. The purpose of the project is to restore stream flow, protect the bridge, prevent flooding of South 373rd Street and allow inspection and maintenance of the bridge.
This project will require a lane closure on South 373rd St. between August 13th, 2018  and August 22nd, 2018, Monday-Friday, from 7 am - 6 pm. One lane will be closed, and lane closure direction will alternate depending on which side of the road the contractor is working on. Traffic controllers will be on site to direct traffic flow.
 Budget:  $75,000  
Schedule: Completed Fall 2018
Brooklake Center Connector Trail at West Hylebos Wetlands Park
Construction of a new access trail from the Brooklake Center to the West Hylebos Wetlands Boardwalk at Brook Lake.
Schedule:  Design underway. Construction to begin Spring, 2019.
Budget: $232,872
2018 Storm Drain CCTV Inspection and Assessment Project
Video inspection of more than 200,000 linear feet (almost 38 miles) of City-owned storm drain pipes.
Schedule: Summer 2018 to Spring 2019.
South 336th Street Water Quality Facility at Highway 99
Storm drain improvements and a new water quality facility in the West Hylebos Watershed near the intersection of Pacific Highway and S 336th St.
Schedule:  Permitting underway. Design phase is happening in 2018, with construction set to begin in 2019.                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Budget: $431, 300


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Capital Projects Engineering Manager
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Surface Water Project Engineer
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Surface Water Project Engineer
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Street Systems Project Engineer
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