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Electronic Filing of Documents

Electronic Filing of Documents
You can electronically file documents with the court or probation on this website or by email or fax. 
Please note that court rules and ethics rules require that the prosecutor receive a copy of any documents submitted in criminal cases and in traffic infraction cases in which the defendant is represented by an attorney.  Therefore, prosecutor contact information is provided for your convenience.   The prosecutor will automatically receive a copy of the document if you use the web-based filing method.
On this Website
By Email
Court:                 filing@cityoffederalway.com
Probation:          probation@cityoffederalway.com
Prosecutor:        LATEMP@cityoffederalway.com
By Fax
Court:           (253) 835-3020
Probation:    (253) 835-3033
Prosecutor:  (253) 835-2569