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Electronic Document Submittal

In an effort to streamline the document submittal process, reduce paper waste, and reduce the expense and inconvenience of printing and shipping multiple copies of Land Use and Construction documents, the City of Federal Way has developed an Electronic Document Submittal program. Electronic Document Submittals will allow concurrent reviews by City of Federal Way staff which should reduce review turnaround times and will support a consolidated corrections list that applicants can use to track and respond to comments. It will also facilitate more complete and comprehensive plan review comments as well as providing feedback on areas where submittals are consistently in need of corrections. 

 Please note that the Permit Center will be closed to the public on Wednesdays.


To submit electronic documents to the Permit Center, you will need to request an upload link by filling out the information below and clicking submit. Please read our Document Submittal Requirements to learn how to correctly format your documents and/or plans.


For a Complete and Acceptable Submittal, please refer to the appropriate submittal checklist for details, Plus

Click here for the Building Permit Application and here for the Land Use Application.

All resubmitted material is required to be accompanied by a completed Resubmittal form.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Permit Center at ElectronicSubmittal@cityoffederalway.com or (253) 835-2607.


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