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IT Goals & Objectives



  • Support City goals and department objectives through automation.
  • Excellent customer service, staff support and training.
  • Understand departments’ business processes and needs.
  • Streamline City operations through integration and systems automation.
  • Keep informed of technology trends, enhancements, and capabilities.
  • Seek new technology and apply where it is cost effective.
  • Improve access to City services and information through WWW and other online systems.
  • Provide stable and reliable information technology infrastructure.
  • Provide up-to-date hardware and software tools for staff.
  • Be proud and confident in what we do.



  • Completed Washington State Patrol CJIS Triennial Audit.
  • Annual replacement of major hardware including desktop PCs, printers, copiers, servers, radios, etc.
  • Replace the server battery backup/uninterruptable power supply (UPS).
  • Police Spillman (Records Management System) Server upgrade.
  • Upgraded the City’s Laserfiche Document Management System.
  • Made improvements to the JustWare Case Management System to streamline workflow.
  • Performed a major upgrade the City’s ArcGIS system from version 9.3 to 10.6.1 and added a new public portal for
  • accessing GIS resources.
  • Major upgrade and expansion to the City’s Safe City camera system using a $250K grant from the State of Washington.
  • Made improvements to the City’s public WiFi system: FWWireless.
  • Installed and configure new IT related systems (network, phones, PCs, cameras & WiFi) for the Performing Arts and
  • Event Center.
  • Continue to develop new and streamlined web services, including the City’s job application process and E-Newsletter.
  • Implemented digital display boards at the Federal Way Community Center, Dumas Bay Centre, and Municipal Court.
  • Implemented the RecTrac Recreation Management System for the Federal Way Community Center and Dumas Bay
  • Centre.
  • Replaced old spam and email archiving appliances with a new cloud-based service.
  • Completion of the IVR (automated permit inspection line) system upgrade.
  • Equipment surplus.
  • Community Center audio/video upgrade.
  • One GIS staff member participated in Community Development’s LEAN process.
  • Implement hardware and software for electronic plan review.


  • Perform a City-wide security assessment and plan an implementation strategy for findings.
  • System storage replacement and upgrade.
  • Backup software replacement.
  • Annual replacement of major hardware including desktop PCs, printers, copiers, servers, radios, etc.
  • Government Access Channel replacement of failing and outdated equipment.
  • Replacement of Police in-vehicle routers.
  • Upgrade server software as needed.
  • Upgrade City workstations with latest version of Windows and Office.