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Stormwater Management Program Plan Update - Comment Period



What's new in the SWMP?

Every year, the city's Surface Water Management (SWM) Division staff review and update the Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) plan to prevent stormwater pollution, reduce flooding, and restore and protect aquatic habitat.  This annual update is a requirement of the city’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II permit with the Washington Department of Ecology. Here are some highlights of 2020 activities that are in the 2021 SWMP plan. 

Public Education and outreach 

  • We went virtual in 2020 and hosted 11 online green living workshops

Controlling runoff from new development, redevelopment, and construction sites

  • We conducted a virtual plan review for new development, redevelopment, and construction sites

Operations and maintenance

  • We purchased more iPads for stormwater infrastructure inspections and maintenance 

Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination & Source Control Program

  • We purchased new NPDES Pro software for tracking business inspections, source control inspections, and water quality violations

2020 accomplishments

  • 14 environmental education e-newsletters sent out to over 450 residents
  • 102 water quality violations investigated
  • 238 businesses given source control inspections
  • 258 outfalls tracked and mapped
  • 532 construction sites inspected
  • 12,762 storm drains maintained


We'd like to hear from you!

The draft SWMP plan is available at www.cityoffederalway.com/SWMP for online public review and comment by email. This is an opportunity for you to learn about our efforts and let us know what you think about how your SWM dollars are put to work. If you've never written a comment before and would like some suggestions, this website has some helpful tips. Be a voice for the city of Federal Way!

Make sure to submit your comments by March 1, 2021.  Once the comment period is over, we will consider your concerns and let you know how your feedback was used. 


Ready to submit a comment? 

Email us at SWM@cityoffederalway.com or mail to:
City of Federal Way Public Works Dept.
SWM Division
33325 8th Ave S.,
Federal Way WA 98003


Want to learn more about stormwater or get involved in improving water quality in your neighborhood?

Contact Sheila Coughlan, Public Education and Outreach Coordinator at Sheila.Coughlan@cityoffederalway.com or call (253) 736-3401

Visit the Puget Sound Starts Here website

Sign up for our solid waste & recycling, and surface water management e-newsletter

Participate in the Watershed Sleuth challenge


Need more information?  Check out these FAQs!

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