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Diversity Commission


2019 MLK Jr. Celebration
at the Performing Arts & Event Center 1/21/19


The Diversity Commission advises the City Council on policy matters involving the community’s cultural and ethnic differences, ensuring that these differences are considered in the decision-making process. Read the Commission’s 2018-2019 Work Plan. It is our aim to help Federal Way in becoming a community which is united amidst diversity, where each individual is respected, equally valued, equally needed and equally cherished. Equality is not sameness, it is equivalent value.


To advise City government to ensure Federal Way is a community that is united amidst diversity, where everyone is equally respected, valued, needed, and cherished.  Equality is not sameness; it is equivalent value.


The Diversity Commission is dedicated to helping Federal Way become a city where all people have a feeling of belonging and sharing community, where there is equal access to information and resources for all, and where there are equal opportunities for all.


  • Gregory Baruso, Chair
  • William Yi, Vice Chair
  • Victor Martinez
  • Julian Franco
  • Nichelle Curtis-McQueen
  • Trenise Rogers
  • Sela Kennedy
  • Thomas Leonard
  • Voting member (position open)
  • Alternate (position open)



2019  MLK Art Contest Winner - Michelle Dueck from DHS


The 2nd Annual Flavor of Federal Way
August 10, 2019 at Town Square Park from 11AM-3PM. 
Please see a quick video courtesy of HMart.

Jury Diversity Committee

One of the ways we want to educate the community on jury service is by publishing articles through the newspaper. Our goal is to publish a three-part series that focuses on the history of racial disparities in jury service participation, the overall importance of jury service, and exploring solutions to the racial disparities in jury service participation. 

Here is a link to the first of a three-part Op-Ed series featured in the Federal Way Mirror http://www.federalwaymirror.com/opinion/overcoming-the-disparities-in-jury-selection/ 

Part 1 provides a historical perspective and focuses on racial disparities in jury service participation. 

Part 2  http://www.federalwaymirror.com/opinion/the-importance-of-participating-in-jury-service/

Stay tuned for Part 3.

Nautilus K-8 5th grade students presented their findings on the diversity of books in their library to the Diversity Commission on 3/14/18.  Their findings were very interesting and educational. 

The Diversity Commission is proud to partner with them by donating books with different cultures and main characters that all students can relate to.

It was great seeing the Deputy Mayor Honda, Councilmember Koppang, teachers and family members come and support the wonderful students give their presentation to the Diversity Commission.

Thank you Ms. Gaspari, Ms. Williams and Mrs. Flanagan for making this happen!

2018 MLK Community Event Video
*Due to YouTube copyright rules, some of the music has been muted during some of the performances.  For the full video with sound please watch Channel 21.

2018 MLK Rep. Roger Freeman Award Winner Aliyah Baruso
Chair Baruso, Commissioners Kennedy & Curtis-Queen, Aliyah Baruso, Commissioners Quershi, Rogers & Yi


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Sarah Bridgeford
Community Services Manager

Jeri-Lynn Clark
Executive Assistant

Rep. Roger Freeman Memorial Award


2019 Rep. Roger Freeman Award winner
Sophia Vazquez


Roger Freeman’s life embodied a life of unselfishness and kindness especially when it came to the youth of our City and Region.

There are four (4) outstanding characteristics that Mr. Freeman will be remembered for:

  • Justice – Advocating for those that lack the means to help themselves

  • Diversity – Inclusion of all

  • Compassion – Humility and volunteerism; concern for others

  • Integrity – Truthful, honest, and reliable


► Video on remembering the life of Rep. Roger Freeman