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City's ‘Paint the Plow’ program showcases young Federal Way artists

Tuesday, December 8, 2020 - 12:15pm

Drivers should watch their rearview mirror this winter for a pair of brightly painted City snow plows cruising the streets of Federal Way.

The City of Federal Way’s Public Works Department Surface Water Management division teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club this year as part of the first-ever “Paint the Plow” program. The program helps aspiring artists learn about how stormwater runoff effects local watersheds while also giving them the opportunity to show off their art painted directly on the snow plow.

The City dropped off plows at two different Boys and Girls Club locations in Federal Way early last month. Children were then given the opportunity to decorate the plow with their art, based around the theme “Only rain down the drain,” focusing on the importance of keeping pollutants out of storm drains since stormwater runoff isn’t treated before it reaches our local waterways.

“We encouraged the kids to have fun with the theme and really brighten up a dull metal canvas that is quite visible to drivers in our city,” said Leah Myhre, water quality coordinator with the City’s Surface Water Management Division.

Prior to starting the project, SWM staff hosted two separate education seminars at the Boys and Girls Club, one for students in K-5 and another for those in grades 6 to 12, based on the theme of how runoff stormwater effects local watersheds.

“I want to thank our staff members in Public Works and especially Surface Water Management for their hard work putting together this educational outreach opportunity,” Mayor Jim Ferrell said. “Not only do the kids get to learn about something that plays a key role in our local ecosystem, but they also get to show off their art to everyone passing through Federal Way. I hope these decorated plows bring a smile to drivers’ faces this winter.”

City snow plow drivers picked up the completed plows last week at the Boys and Girls Club, 30815 8th Ave. S, and the Ron Sandwith Teen Center, 31453 28th Ave. S.

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