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Contract for Services - Art Commission


Established in 1991, the City of Federal Way Arts Commission is a volunteer commission made up of residents living in Federal Way. There are nine members and two alternates on the Commission. The Arts Commission advises and recommends to the Federal Way City Council activities related to all aspects of the arts — visual, performing, literary and cultural.


The purpose of Contract for Services is to provide funds for the promotion of the arts, events and cultural heritage activities for the citizens of Federal Way.


Applicants for the 2020 Federal Way Arts Commission Contract for Services must demonstrate that their projects meet the following criteria:

  •  Services must be provided between JANUARY 1, 2020 and DECEMBER 31, 2020 and be located in the City of Federal Way.
  • Agencies/individuals must have Internal Revenue Service Code, Section 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt status. The applicant will be required to present evidence of such status.
  • Services must provide a program or activity that directly benefits the diverse citizenry of Federal Way.
  • Those services that include Federal Way youth as participants or as a target audience are recognized as having priority in requests for public funding.

Restrictions to funding:

2020 Contract for Services are not available for:

  • Tuition for course or school credit
  • Events not open to the general public
  • School activities that might be considered a part of regular or extra-curricular school programs

How to apply:

Complete a Federal Way Arts Commission 2020 Contract for Services Application on the form provided. Applications for 2019 shall reflect services delivered between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020. Fill out the online application completely.
For questions regarding the application process, please contact Cassie Swan, Recreation Coordinator, at 253.835.6928 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday or by email at cassie.swan@cityoffederalway.com.



Review process:

The Arts Commission will review the applications. Applicants will then be notified in writing of a schedule of interview periods for the purpose of presenting their proposal to the panel and answering any questions the panel may have about the Applicant’s proposed services. APPLICANTS MUST HAVE TWO PEOPLE PRESENT AT THE TIME OF THE INTERVIEW, one of which must have signing authority for the requesting organization. All meetings are open to the public. After the review is completed, the Arts Commission will recommend recipients for Contract for Services funding to the Federal Way City Council. Contract recipients will receive notification of funding and contracts the first quarter of the year.


The Agreement provides reimbursement for costs incurred in connection with such performances/services following their completion. Partial payment may be requested. For example, if an organization applies for a series of concerts, partial payment may be requested following each concert. If partial payments are requested, please fill out the application accordingly. Upon being awarded an amount, the panel will make clear how partial payments will be dispersed in the contract. Before payment can be processed, an event report must be completed and reviewed. After review, processing will take four to six weeks.

Changes to contract:

If the applicant’s services change, the contract must be revised. The applicant must request this in writing four weeks prior to the original contract dates. A letter stating the requested revision, the reason for the change and copies of any revised program materials and budget must be included. The Commission will review the request and a decision will be made as to the status of the funding.

Final instructions:

  • Give complete, accurate and clear information.
  • Appended materials (beyond attachments, which are requested in the application) will not be accepted.
  • Submit one (1) original application form and two (2) samples of promotional materials as they relate to your request.

Required application and supplementary attachments:

  • Completed application
  • Proof of 501(c)3 status (IRS # must match those given on application. If it doesn’t match, explain why.)
  • Current Fiscal Year’s Agency Budget including Actual Revenue and Expense Financial Statement
  • Next Year’s Agency Budget
  • Copy of most current financial audit (if revenue of $100K or greater) or management letter
  • Organization chart with names and titles of board and staff
  • Plan of succession for board leadership, artistic director and other positions of central importance to your organization. (This supplement request is waived for organizations founded within the last five years.)
  • Provide two (2) samples of promotional materials as they relate to your request
1 Start 2 Contact Person 3 Authorizing Official 4 Alternate Contact 5 Proposal 6 Project Budget 7 Preview 8 Complete