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Downtown Staircase Project


The proposed improvements will construct a series of staircases and ramps in a prime downtown location.  The improvements will enhance pedestrian connectivity between the Town Square Park, the Transit Center, the Performing Arts & Event Center (PAEC), and other businesses.  


For additional project information, contact the Project Engineer for the Downtown Staircase Project, Christine Mullen, PE at Christine.Mullen@CityofFederalWay.com or (253)835-2723.


R.L. Alia Company was selected as the contractor for this project.  They started construction in late April 2019.  Construction is anticipated to be completed by late fall 2019.  



​​​Update (03-Jul-2019)  All of the formwork for the large PAEC wall has been removed and we can really start to see what the finished project will look like.  Electrical work, storm work, and grading are all continuing.  The Contractor is busy building formwork for another concrete pour for six smaller retaining wall footings that is tentatively planned for the end of next week.  


​Update (26-June-2019)  Some of the formwork for the large PAEC wall is being removed and we are starting to see finished concrete work on the site.  We can also start to see from the grading work where the large staircase will be in the middle of the site (between the PAEC wall and the retaining walls formwork).


​Update (11-June-2019)  Formwork for the large PAEC wall is being constructed while site grading continues.


Update (06-Jun-2019)  The first concrete arrived on the site today!  The foundation for the large PAEC wall was poured.

Update (03-Jun-2019)  Formwork for the large PAEC wall foundation is starting to be constructed. 
Update (15-May-2019)  Grading of the site continues.


Update (08-May-2019)  Grading of the site and removal of the existing retaining wall continues.


Update (30-Apr-2019)  Work started on this project this week.  The large existing retaining wall is starting to come down!

Before Construction  Here's a photo of the site before project construction started.