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Inspection Services

Commercial Inspections

Commercial and multi-family stormwater inspections are conducted annually. A postcard is mailed to recorded property owners notifying them when the inspection will take place. It is not necessary to be present during the inspection; however, if you would like to be present, please contact us.

In most cases, the inspector does not need to enter the building. The exception is if the system is located in a secured area, such as a stormwater pond located inside a locked fence. In that case, the inspector will contact you to gain access to the facility.

What to Expect
On the day of the inspection, the inspector will do a visual check of the catch basins, storm drain inlets, flow control structures, detention ponds, tanks, vaults, pumps, treatment systems and oil / water separators on your site to ensure they are working properly and do not need maintenance. They will be looking for high sediment levels, missing or broken components, drainage problems and invasive and noxious vegetation. Removing excessive sediment and vegetation is the most common maintenance needed. A follow-up letter will be sent to the property owner only if repair(s) or cleaning is necessary.

Single-Family Erosion & Sediment Control (ESC) Inspections
Surface Water Management inspectors handle all ESC inspections for single-family construction and remodeling projects. These inspections are a component of the City’s building permit. The four ESC inspections required include:

  • Pre-Construction Meeting: Inspectors identify the ESC measures needed
  • Initial ESC Inspection: Inspectors verify that all of the measures are installed correctly before construction begins
  • Interim Inspection: Inspectors ensure that the measures are working properly
  • Final Inspection: Inspectors confirm that areas of disturbed soils are permanently stabilized.


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Surface Water Management Inspector
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