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Mayor's Office


The City of Federal Way has an elected mayor form of government. The Mayor serves as the city's Chief Executive Officer and manages all the city departments (RCW. 35A 1200) and over 325 city employees in accordance with the policies and direction of the City Council.

The Mayor also directs city efforts for economic development, intergovernmental relations, media and community relations. The Mayor's office provides the City Council and management with a complete financial plan for all city funds and activities through the preparation and administration of the biennial budget and capital improvement plan.

Meet Mayor Jim Ferrell


Inside the Mayor's Office

Media Relations

Emergency Management Divison




Jim Ferrell


Pamela Jones
Executive Assistant

33325 8th Ave. South
Federal Way, WA  98003

Ph: 253.835.2402
Fx: 253.835.2409

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm