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Public Records Request Information


Many of the City's public records are available in the City's Document Library.

Police & Municipal Court Records Requests
Requests for police or municipal court records (including police reports) must be made directly to the department:

City Hall Records Requests

You may submit a request for City Hall records by using any of the following methods:


Fees by Record Type

There is no fee to review records. The fees charged for copies is in accordance with the City's Fee Schedule and RWC 42.56. Basic fees are outlined below:

Record Type


  Copies/Prints of Electronic Records

  $0.15 per page

  Scanning to Electronic Format

  $0.10 per page

  Electronic Transfer ( i.e. upload to email, upload to      cloud-based storage)

  $0.05 per 4 files and $0.10 per GB

  Mailing / postage charges

  Actual Cost (postage and container) 

  DVDs or CDs

  Actual Cost


* Per RCW 42.56.120(2)(c) charges may be combined to the extent that more than one type of charge applies.

Please Note: For larger requests the City may request a deposit as well as provide the records in installments.