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Scoop The Poop



Scoop the poop, bag it, and put it in the trash!

Whether you're in a public space, or your own backyard, it's important to scoop the poop everytime.

Why Scoop The Poop?

Scoop the poop for healthy kids, healthy dogs, and a healthy environment.

  • Healthy kids: Worms and parasites found in dog poop can infect kids if they accidentally come into contact with it.
  • Healthy Pets: Dog poop contains harmful bacteria and diseases. Scooping prevents your pets from getting infected with  worms and parsites.
  • Clean Public Spaces and Yards: Pet waste is an eyesore. We can all better enjoy public spaces and our own backyards when we remember to pick up after our dogs.
  • Clean Water: Dog poop is full of nutrients and harmful bacteria. Rain washes dog poop into local waterways, leading to harmful algal blooms and beach closures for swimming and shellfish harvesting.

Scoop The Poop Tips

  • Clean up your yard daily, or at least once a week.
  • Place the poop in the trash, rather than burying it, flushing it, or putting it in the compost.
  • Always carry extra bags!