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Military Road S and S 298th Street Compact Roundabout

The proposed improvements construct a four-legged compact roundabout at the intersection of Military Road S and S 298th Street, incluing associated signing, pavement markings, illumination, storm drainage, and retaining walls.

This project will start construction in October 2018 by Active Construction, Inc.  The work is weather dependent, so the project will likely be placed on hold during the winter weather season and will resume work in spring 2019.  The project is anticipated to be completed by summer 2019.

UPDATE (15-Mar-2019)  The correct curb materials for the new roundabout are ready earlier than anticipated!  There is a small window of good weather early next week, and we will take advantage of it and get the roundabout and paving work completed before the rain returns.  The roundabout will be installed next Tuesday (March 19th) and paving of the intersection will be happening Tuesday and Wednesday (March 19th and 20th).  There will be delays to drivers through this area while construction is taking place.  One lane of traffic will be maintained through the intersection.  The contractor will return again in April to install the splitter islands for the roundabout, install permanent pavement markings, install the street lights, and complete any other remaining work. 

UPDATE (10-Dec-2018)  Work on this project has been suspended and is anticipated to start up again in April 2019.   A winter shutdown was always anticipated to happen for this project because some of the work is weather dependent and cannot be completed in cold and wet conditions.  The contractor we have working on this project had been doing such a great job of getting work completed quickly so that they were able to accelerate the schedule and planned to put in the roundabout and pave the final lift of asphalt in November before a winter suspension.  However, due to an issue with an incorrect material for the roundabout being delivered to the project, we were unable to complete the roundabout and paving on that accelerated schedule as was planned.  The project is now suspended while the correct materials are procured.  Due to the weather-dependent work that is remaining (roundabout, paving, striping, etc.) as well as the time needed to procure long-lead delivery items such as street light poles, the project is suspended until spring.  The contractor will be maintaining the project site during the suspension.


More Information
For additional project information, contact Street Systems Project Engineer Christine Mullen, PE at Christine.Mullen@CityofFederalWay.com or (253)835-2723.