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Street Maintenance


Services Provided

The following provides some general information regarding scheduled street maintenance.

Asphalt Overlay Program

The City of Federal Way Asphalt Overlay Program is an annual street maintenance project in which selected streets are repaved along with the repair and improvement to curbs, sidewalks and wheelchair ramps. A systematic pavement management system (PMS) is used to manage and prioritize street improvements. The streets pavement condition index (PCI) is developed through inspection every two years. In addition, other pavement preservation techniques are used to maintain the city's street network such as crack sealing and structural patching.

The Asphalt Overlay History Map will provide you with the history of when streets were last repaved. The 2018 Overlay Program will provide information on the upcoming streets to be overlay.

Street Sweeping

Main Arterials and Collectors: swept once per month

Residential Streets: swept four to five times per year

Street Sweeping Map (to be added)

Landscape & Vegetation Maintenance

Shoulder mowing is performed by city crews from spring through early fall. Mowing Map (to be added)

Landscape maintenance is performed through a city-managed contract. Landscape Map (to be added)

Private Property Trees and Shrubs Encroaching Right-of-Way - TRIM NOTIFICATION


TRIM NOTIFICATION (Korean) 가지치기 알림

Snow & Ice

City crews provide snow and ice control as needed. Prior to a predicted event, crews may treat streets with anti-icing chemcials (salt brine), that prevents ice from adhereing to the pavement. The attached de-icing map shows the primary routes that will be treated as weather conditions and resources allow. The snow plow map shows primary and secondary snow plow routes during snow and ice storms.

Roadway conditions (updated periodically during weather events)

To report hazardous road conditions, call the Public Works Department at 253.835.2700 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or the after-hours call-out service at 800.400.0749 on the evenings, weekends and holidays.