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Eyes on Federal Way





Eyes on Federal Way (powered by SeeClickFix) is the easiest and most efficient way for you to communicate directly with your City.

For those potholes, abandoned shopping carts, garbage in the streets or other local non-emergency problems that need attention, the Eyes on Federal Way app makes reporting a problem easier than ever. This app uses GPS to recognize your location and gives you a menu of common quality-of-life options to select from. The app allows you to upload pictures to accompany your request. The mobile app can also be used for a variety of other requests such as street maintenance, street light requests, downed trees, and others. Residents can also track the status of reports they or other members of the community have submitted. Residents can also call departments directly at City Hall for information on any municipal service and to report a problem within the city limits.

The app is available via the web, the Apple Store (Apple), and Google Play (Android)



Roadside Garbage

Requests are generally checked within 2 business days (weather and other circumstances permitting).


Graffiti (Non-Park)

Requests are checked every business day.


Shopping Carts

Requests are checked every business day.





How to use
Eyes on Federal Way


Please visit the portal below in order to follow the steps for creating a new account. 






Use the ellipsis (...) in the top right corner of the application to access the features within the app.
  • Submit a New Request
  • Explore the Map
  • Sign Up and create an account
  • Sign In to your account
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Do I have to make an account?
    • You do not need to have an account to submit a request to Eyes on Federal Way, and even if you have an account, you can choose for your information to remain anonymous to our staff. If you decide to not create an account, you will not be notified about the updates to your request. 
  2. Can I track my requests in Eyes on Federal Way?
    • ​By signing up and creating an account with Eyes on Federal Way, you are able to submit requests and reports and track the status of those submissions and view updates as they are available, as well as communicate directly with City of Federal Way staff. If you don't have an account, you cannot track your requests. 
  3. What if I enter my address and the categories aren't showing?
    • For this reason, your address is outside of City Limits and is within the Unincorporated King County area. Please call King County at 206-477-8100 for further assistance.