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Roadway Conditions


2019 Winter Storm Information:

Current Roadway Images (Updated every 10 minutes):

S 320th St & Pacific Highway:

320th & Pacific Highway

S 324th St & Pacific Highway:

S 324th & Pacific Highway

 S 348th St & 16th Ave S:

16th Ave S & S 348th St.

S 356th St & Pacific Highway:

S 356th St & Pacific Highway

S 356th St & 21st Ave SW:

S. 356th St. & 21st Ave SW.

S 340th St & Hoyt Rd:

S. 340th St. & Hoyt Rd.

Winter Storm Information & Roadway Impacts:

Update on road conditions: 9:30 AM Wednesday, Feb. 13

Crews are preparing for another storm, which could hit Thursday afternoon and bring with it the possibility of more snow. The large concern right now is the moisture on the roads freezing to ice overnight. 


Update on road conditions: 5:30 PM   Tuesday, Feb. 12

Crews are continuing to work to clear arterials of slushy debris. The primary focus is on clearing areas where there is standing water.


Update on road conditions: 1:00 PM   Monday, Feb. 11

Wet snow is falling. Air and roadway temperatures remain above freezing. Most arterials range from bare and wet to slushy. Crews continue to work at clearing collector roadways in neighborhoods today. Snow will continue into the evening and turn to rain. Rain will move focus to clearing catch basins to make sure the run-off has somewhere to go.


Update on road conditions: 9:30 PM   Sunday, Feb. 10

The snow has begun to come down hard and pretty much all of the roads are covered again. We are back to working the primary routes. As conditions improve, we will  again work our way back through the secondary routes and then the neighborhoods and the requests we have received.

At this point traffic is relatively light so it is going well. We continue to recommend people stay off the roads.


Update on road conditions: 7:15 PM   Sunday, Feb. 10

Crews took advantage of a break in precipitation today to plow and sand more residential roadways and prepare vehicles for anticipated snow. Crews will shift focus back to primary and secondary routes this evening as the snow accumulation returns. Monday night is forecasted to bring an additional 4-6 inches of snow to Federal Way. We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding.


Updated on road conditions: 7:45 PM   Saturday, Feb. 9

Crews were able to plow many collector roadways into neighborhoods. The temperature drop this evening has shifted focus to plowing (as needed) and applying sand to primary roadways and hot spots to help improve traction as ice forms on wet roadways. Forecast shows we are to expect more snow and freezing temperatures over the next several days. 


Update on road conditions: 9:05 AM   Saturday, Feb. 9

All primary and secondary roadways have been plowed and treated with sand/salt as needed. Primary and secondary roadways range from compact snow to patchy snow/ice. Crews are starting to work on the residential roadways this morning and are continuing 24/7 operations. Forecast shows for mostly dry day today with blustery winds. Temperatures will drop well below freezing tonight. Snow forecasted to return Sunday.


Forecast for Federal Way Updated 11:25 PM  Friday, Feb. 8

Snow has intensified over the area this evening and will continue fairly steady for the rest of the night. Temperatures will drop overnight with ice concerns into the evening. Snow will decrease in the morning. Winds will pick up tomorrow. Dry conditions for Saturday night, however, there will be extremely cold temperatures and ice concerns. Another storm system is forecasted to come in Sunday. City crews will continue to make primary routes the first priority and will get to secondary roads once snow fall tapers off.

Pacific Hwy and S 336th Street 9 PM









Update: 9 PM   Friday, Feb. 8

Primary roads are slushy. All other roadways have wet snow. Some secondary roads have been plowed once. Concern after midnight is that temperatures will drop as snowfall slows down. Crews will continue to plow and apply sand/salt overnight. Saturday we anticipate being able to get into the secondaries and residentials. Saturday snowfall is forecasted to be light. Temperatures Saturday night will drop below freezing. Crews will continue to work to de-ice and clear roads through Saturday night.


Update: 5:25 PM   Friday, Feb. 8

Current look at Pacific Hwy and 336th (above).


Update: 2:25 PM   Friday, Feb. 8

Steady accumulation of snow on roadways. Crews are plowing the primary routes and will remain on primary routes at least through the evening commute.Traffic conditions are heavier than normal with everyone leaving at the same time. Forecast calls for snow to decrease after midnight tonight, but continues until around noon on Saturday. Snow totals of 4-8" expected for the city, 5-9" for hilltops. High ice concerns as well.


Update: 6 PM   Thursday, Feb. 7

City of Federal Way Public Works crews spent Wednesday and Thursday spraying Federal Way streets with brine, a mixture of salt and water, in order to prepare the surface for a storm that is expected to arrive Friday and drop between 4 to 7 inches through the weekend.

Snow is expected to move into the area around 1 to 3 p.m. Friday afternoon.

The National Weather Service is forecasting that snow will initially be relatively light, with between 1 to 3 inches expected before 5 to 6 p.m. Friday. This will impact the evening commute with roads cold enough for accumulation to start very quickly.

Snow will be heavier Friday night and the area could see 4 to 7 more inches through Saturday morning.

Public Works crews will kick off 24/7 operations starting Friday. The initial focus will be to clear major roadways as identified on the snow plow map.


Residents can also request a plow for their street by submitting a Public Works Service Request.  


Garbage & Recycling Collection Updates:

The winter storm has kept garbage trucks off the icy roads throughout the region. Federal Way is taking an aggressive approach to restoring your services. The first goal is to collect garbage, then recycling and yard waste. This will help address public health concerns about garbage piling up – especially for those customers who have not had their garbage collected since late January.

All available residential trucks will be dedicated to collecting “garbage only” Thursday, February 14 through Saturday, February 16. Please only place garbage carts, cans, and bags at the curb for servicing this week. By delaying recycling and yard waste collection until next week, those trucks and drivers will catch-up on garbage collection.

Starting February 18, place garbage, recycling and yard waste containers at the curb for servicing. Garbage will be the first priority, followed by recycling, then yard waste. Carts may not be emptied on the normal service day during recovery. All recovery collection should be completed by Friday, February 22 and then revert back to the normal schedule starting Monday, February 25.­

For material that was missed due to weather, customers should set out up to double the normal amount – there will be no charges for these extra volumes during the recovery phase. Tips for handling extra volumes can be found at http://www.wmnorthwest.com/weatherboard.html.

Please note that this revised collection schedule is subject to change due to weather and roadway conditions. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate residents allowing safety to be a top priority for both the community at large, and for Waste Management’s drivers.

Waste Management will service commercial and roll-off customers as soon as they can safely access trash enclosures and parking lots.