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Roadway Conditions


Winter Storm Information:

Current Roadway Images (Updated every 10 minutes):

S 288th St & Pacific Highway:

320th & Pacific Highway

S 320th St & Pacific Highway:

S 324th & Pacific Highway

 S 348th St & 16th Ave S:

16th Ave S & S 348th St.

S 356th St & Pacific Highway:

S 356th St & Pacific Highway

S 356th St & 21st Ave SW:

S. 356th St. & 21st Ave SW.

S 340th St & Hoyt Rd:

S. 340th St. & Hoyt Rd.

Winter Storm Information & Roadway Impacts:

Residents can request a plow for their street by submitting a Public Works Service Request.  


1/14/2020 10:25 AM - Roadway conditions

City crews have been out since 3:00 AM this morning applying de-icing materials to the primary arterials. Most primary arterials range from wet to icy. Crews continue to apply salt to icy arterials.

As available, crews have moved into the residential neighborhoods to apply salt.

Crews are scheduled to be working 12-hour shifts to continue to de-ice/plow roadways for the next 24 hours.

Garbage & Recycling Collection Updates:

Waste Management publishes Service Alerts that affect Federal Way's garbage, recycling and yard waste collection. Please check their webpage for the most updated information.

Weather-Related Service Alert FAQs

Tips for Setting Out Extra Material