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Boards & Commissions

Volunteering on a Citizen Board or Commission is a great way to be involved!
The City of Federal Way has several volunteer Citizen Boards and Commissions
that advise the Mayor and City Council in certain areas of government and policy issues.

A summary of regular meeting dates and times for these Commissions/Boards is available here.

Arts Commission 

The Arts Commission advises and/or recommends to the City Council on all areas of the arts; including the fine arts, literary, performing, visual and cultural.


Independent Salary Commission

The Independent Salary Commission studies the relationship of salaries and benefits to the duties of the Mayor and the City Council members and adjusts them, if appropriate.


Civil Service Commission 

The Civil Service Commission performs duties established by state law (RCW 41.12) in connection with the selection, appointment, promotion, demotion, and employment of commissioned police.


Lodging Tax Advisory Committee 

The Lodging Tax Advisory Committee advises the City Council on the allocation of lodging tax revenue for programs and activities that will encourage tourism in the city.


Diversity Commission 

The Diversity Commission advises on policy matters involving the community’s cultural and ethnic differences, ensuring that these differences are considered in the decision-making process.


Parks & Recreation Commission

The Parks and Recreation Commission provides recommendations on policy matters involving the acquisition, development, and significant operational impacts of the Parks Department facilities and programs.


Ethics Board

The Ethics Board issues advisory opinions on the provisions of the Code of Ethics and investigates/reports to the City Council on any alleged violations of the Code of Ethics.


Planning Commission 

The Planning Commission provides recommendations to the City Council regarding land-use policies, including the Federal Way Comprehensive Plan and Map and zoning code amendments.


Historic Landmarks Commission 

The Historic Landmarks Commission partners with the King County Landmarks Commission to review local historic Landmark applications submitted to the city.


Senior Advisory Commission

The Senior Advisory Commission advises the City Council on policies, community engagement, and delivery of senior citizen programs and to provide outreach to the community. 


Human Services Commission 

The Human Services Commission oversees the development of the city's human services program by evaluating and providing recommendations on funding requests submitted to the city and coordinates with other groups and agencies.


Youth Commission 

The Youth Commission advises on issues such as finding solutions for local youth problems, providing community youth with an outlet for expressing interests and opinions, making the public aware of the Youth Commission program, and other issues of importance to youth.

Contact - City Clerk Department

Stephanie Courtney, CMC
City Clerk

Jennifer Marshall, CMC
Deputy City Clerk

Anna Lieck
Public Records Analyst

Katey Hobbs
Administrative Assistant

Email: ck@cityoffederalway.com

Address: 33325 8th Ave S; Federal Way, WA  98003

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday


** We are not associated with the Municipal Courts **

Court Clerks: 253 835-3000 mc.municrt@cityoffederalway.com

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