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City Clerk Department


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The City Clerk Department serves as the primary point of contact for the public and staff regarding the city's legislative action and official information. They provide the link between the community and elected officials in an effort to enhance public participation in the municipal process, provide transparency and access to essential public records, and ensure continuity for the City of Federal Way by recording and retaining historical and contemporary legislative action.



  • Provide service to the City Council, citizens and staff in a manner that is high-quality, fair, and courteous.
  • Coordination of the legislative process with well-organized and efficient City Council meetings.
  • Support public participation through virtual or in-person attendance options at public meetings.
  • Provide access to the city’s official records and legislative documents in as many mediums as possible.
  • Maintain citywide compliance of the Open Public Meetings Act/OPMA (RCW 42.30) and the Public Records Act/PRA (RCW 42.56).
  • Comply with the Secretary of State Washington State Archives retention requirements for public records.
  • Support citizen involvement in local government with ongoing recruitment of volunteer Boards & Commissions.
  • Increase automation and utilize technology in effort to promote transparency and trust in government.

Contact - City Clerk Department

Stephanie Courtney, CMC
City Clerk

Jennifer Marshall, CMC
Deputy City Clerk

Anna Lieck
Public Records Analyst

Katey Hobbs
Administrative Assistant

Email: ck@cityoffederalway.com

Address: 33325 8th Ave S; Federal Way, WA  98003

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday


** We are not associated with the Municipal Courts **

Court Clerks: 253 835-3000 mc.municrt@cityoffederalway.com