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Education and Outreach


Education and Outreach

 Volunteers Needed!  

This summer, spend a few hours stenciling the message, "Only Rain Down the Drain" at your neighborhood storm drain. All materials will be provided.  Email SWM@cityoffederalway.com or click on the stencil storm drains link for more information!  This program closes for the season on October 17.

This Fall, be a storm drain steward!  Take care of your local storm drain by clearing it of leaves and other debris.  You will help prevent flooding and litter and other pollution from reaching Puget Sound.  Check out the Be a storm drain steward program and sign up to volunteer for clean water!

Stormwater Management Program plan comment period ended on March 1, 2021

No comments were received.  The city will finalize the Stormwater Management Program plan for 2021.  

Drainage Systems

By using simple housekeeping practices around your work and home, Federal Way residents, business owners and employees can help prevent polluted rainwater from reaching our local waterways, such as Steel Lake, Hylebos Creek and Puget Sound. But first, it is important to understand the difference between Federal Way’s two drainage systems.

The two drainage systems in the City of Federal Way are the sanitary sewer system and the storm drain system. The sanitary sewer system carries household wastewater, from sinks, showers and toilets, to the Lakota sewage treatment plant. The storm drain system prevents flooding by carrying rainwater away from city streets into nearby ponds, wetlands, creeks, lakes and Puget Sound.

Sewer Storm Drain


Pollutants and Stormwater
Rain falls on our roofs and streets and picks up what it touches, like oil from the road, yard chemicals, and pet waste.  This polluted water goes down storm drains and flows into our creeks, lakes, and Puget Sound.  There is no filter or treatment.  This polluted water can be highly toxic to our fish and wildlife.  

Actions that reduce pollution in stormwater, and improve the quality of our water resources, are called best management practices (BMPs).

Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Learn more about the BMPs that you can use every day to help prevent rainwater pollution and keep our surface waters clean and healthy

Car Washing Natural Yard Care Don't Drip and Drive Scoop the Poop  



Education and Outreach Programs

Storm Drain ArtWalk 

Stream Team

Storming the Sound with Salmon



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