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Household Hazardous Waste


Hazardous Waste
Some wastes, like oil-based paint, batteries, and fluorescent bulbs, can harm your family’s health and the environment. Please do not throw hazardous waste into your garbage or dump hazardous liquids down drains. Instead, take these items to our nearby hazardous waste collection site.


Auburn Outlet Collection (SuperMall) Wastemobile

  • Auburn Outlet Collection (SuperMall) - Northwest Loading Dock Area (outside loading dock between Sports Authority and Nordstrom Rack).  The site may be hard to find, but mall policy limits direction signs.
  • Every Saturday and Sunday, except holiday weekends
  • Open 10:00 am to 5:00 pm 
  • Free of charge: this service is funded through surcharges on garbage disposal, garbage collection, and waste water utilities. 

Auburn Wastemobile

Visit the Hazardous Wastemobile webpage for a full list of accepted items, and information on other drop off options that may be more convenient.

You can avoid hazardous waste in the first place by choosing safer products. Visit the Hazardous Waste Alternatives webpage for more information.