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Neighborhood Traffic Safety (NTS)


Neighborhood Traffic Safety (NTS) Program

This program is designed to provide existing Federal Way residential neighborhoods opportunities to control traffic speeds, reduce cut-through traffic and improve documented pedestrian and vehicular safety issues.  The NTS program is used to evaluate the need for speed humps, stop signs, speed tables, crosswalks, speed limit reduction, etc and includes an NTS application. 

NTS Program Projects (2009 to Present)
Lake Grove 2009 (SW 304 Street) NTS Follow-up Study
Sherwood Forest 2009 (27 Ave SW) NTS Follow-up Study
Wildwood 2010 (S 308 Street, 18 Ave S, 20 Ave S and 22 Ave S) NTS Follow-up Study
Lake Dolloff 2010 (33 Ave S, 38 Ave S and S 328 Street) NTS Follow-up Study
Nautilus 2010 (4 Ave S) NTS Follow-up Study
Nautilus 2010 (S 308 Street) NTS Follow-up Study
Enterprise 2010 (18 Ave SW and 20 Ave SW) NTS Follow-up Study
Panther Lake 2013 (10 Ave SW to W. Campus Trail) LUTC Proposal

View the School Zone Safety Brochure and the Pedestrian Safety Brochure.