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Road Construction Updates


The following is Federal Way’s current and anticipated major street construction (6-26-20)

 (Note: minor road and/or short term street impacts are not reflected here).



2020 Overlay Project

The City’s Contractor (Miles Resources) will be completing asphalt overlay work and sidewalk ramp upgrades in several locations. Upcoming impacts are as follows:

Hoyt Road SW – SW 326th Street to SW 320th Street:

Paving complete 6/19/20. The contractor will be raising utilities the week of June 29, 2020. There will be alternating, one-way traffic from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Alternate routes encouraged.

Pete Von Reichbauer (PVR) Way – S 320th Street to S 312th Street:

Paving completed 6/4/20. Contractor will return in the middle of July to complete striping and pavement markings. Temporary lane closures will be required. Detours will be in place during the striping operations.

 S 312th Street – 13th Ave S to Pacific Hwy S:

Waterline replacement work continues on this section and will continue through June. Overlay contractor will begin sidewalk and curb ramp replacement in the middle of July.

 1st Ave S – S 301st Street to North City Limits:

The overlay work on this section will take place after Lakehaven completes water line and sewer replacement work. Work to begin in June.

 The Ridge Subdivision (selected roads):

Paving complete 6/19/20. The Contractor will be raising utilities the week of June 29, 2020 Temporary lane closures required.

 S 320th Street and Pacific Hwy – Curb Ramps: Substantially complete. Repair work required.


Dash Point Road S – 9th Place to Sacajawea Park - Sidewalks:

The City’s Contractor, Active Construction, Inc. (ACI) began construction April 6, 2020 to complete sidewalk improvements in front of Sacajawea Middle School (Dash Point Road S – 9th Place S to Sacajawea Park). Construction will restart the week of June 15 and continue through August and require temporary day time lane closures.


S 312th Street – 13th Ave S to Pacific Hwy – Watermain Replacement (Lakehaven)

Lakehaven’s contractor, HCON, will be continuing a water main replacement on S 312th Street between 13th Ave S and Pacific Hwy S ahead of the City’s overlay project. The Contractor will be working extended shifts next week from 7AM – 10 PM. Temporary lane closures will be required.


Military Road South (SR 18 to S 320th) – Pavement Patching

Starting June 8, 2020, the City’s Contractor, Pavement Maintenance, Inc. will be completing pavement patching on Military Road South between SR 18 and S 320th Street. Temporary day-time lane closures will be required.


Upcoming impacts as follows:


1st Ave S – S 301st Street to S 296th Place – Water Main and Sewer Main Replacement (Lakehaven):

Lakehaven will be replacing portions of the water and sewer lines on 1st Ave S between S 301st Street to S 296th Place. Work is anticipated to start the 2nd week of June.


For additional capital project information visit: https://www.cityoffederalway.com/streetsystems/capitalprojects