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Storming the Sound with Salmon


Storming the Sound with Salmon is a partnership between the City of Federal Way and Federal Way Public Schools. As part of the program, Federal Way students raise Coho salmon in their classrooms, from egg to fry. While applying such core skills as observation and data collection, students learn about life cycles, interrelationships in ecosystems, environmental stewardship, and the importance of salmon to Pacific Northwest commerce and culture. The year-long program culminates in the Storming the Sound with Salmon Release Event, where students release their fry into Hylebos Creek.

The Release Event generally happens over the course of four days in May, when students come to the West Hylebos Wetland Park to release their fry and learn about different environmental topics from local organizations.

For questions about the program please contact our Public Education and Outreach Specialist at SWM@CityofFederalWay.com.


2022 Release Event Information

This year’s Storming the Sound with Salmon event was a huge success! Over 2,200 students from Federal Way Public Schools participated. Students joined a live virtual event where the salmon they raised in their schools were released into the Hylebos. Prior to the release students participated in learning activities from local environmental organizations. They heard the story of Little Silver Salmon from the Puyallup Tribal Language Department, went on a virtual native plant walk at West Hylebos Wetland Park, and played macroinvertebrate tag. Students learned about salmon’s role in our ecosystem, their lifecycle, and obstacles that salmon face as they migrate to Puget Sound.

Storming the Sound With Salmon Promo from Transect Films on Vimeo.