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Arts Commission

Utility Box Mural

Call to Artists / Non-profit Organizations:

Traffic Graffics Utility Box Project

The Federal Way Traffic Graffics project is one of the projects the Arts Commission is most proud of as it brings added vibrancy to our city while community members travel through town.  These metal boxes are found throughout our city and are often tagged or vandalized.  This project has been shown to help discourage tagging and provides public art and fun to our city.  They are one way to use art to strengthen Federal Way’s identity and sense of community.  These boxes are an innovative way to have public art in public spaces right where people can see it, not hidden away in a gallery. Traffic Graffic Application



Blue Poppy Day
Call for Artists — Cancelled for 2021

Arts Alive — City Hall Gallery 
Call for Artists 

Gallery Program 
Call for Artists – No shows for 2021 October 26, 2021 deadline for submittal.

Contract for Services Check back in mid-August for updates.

Introduction: Established in 1991, the City of Federal Way Arts Commission is a volunteer commission made up of residents living in Federal Way. There are nine members and two alternates on the Commission. The Arts Commission advises and recommends to the Federal Way City Council activities related to all aspects of the arts — visual, performing, literary and cultural.

Purpose: The purpose of Contract for Services is to provide funds for the promotion of the arts, events and cultural heritage activities for the citizens of Federal Way.

Eligibility: Applicants for the Federal Way Arts Commission Contract for Services must demonstrate that their projects meet the following criteria:

  •  Services must be provided once you have a signed and notarized contract in place and be located in the City of Federal Way.
  • Agencies/individuals must have Internal Revenue Service Code, Section 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt status. The applicant will be required to present evidence of such status.
  • Services must provide a program or activity that directly benefits the diverse citizenry of Federal Way.
  • Those services that include Federal Way youth as participants or as a target audience are recognized as having priority in requests for public funding.
  • Restrictions to funding:

Contract for Services are not available for:

  • Tuition for course or school credit
  • Events not open to the general public
  • School activities that might be considered a part of regular or extra-curricular school programs


Arts Commission Responsibilities

The City of Federal Way Arts Commission is a group of nine volunteer members who are appointed by the City Council to develop and oversee the city's various arts programs. The Arts Commission advises and/or recommends to the City Council on all areas of the arts, including the fine arts, literary, performing, visual and cultural.  Please reference the following 2019 Work Plan.



  • Vickie Chynoweth, 2021 Chair
  •  Karen Brugato, 2021 Vice Chair
  • Kimberly Bowman 
  • Kenny Byrne
  • Mary Blacker
  • Cory Young
  • Alyson Soma
  • Iveta Felzenberg
  • Shelley Tsui, Alternate
  • Open Position, Alternate



7:30 am - 9:00 am
First Thursday of each month via ZOOM
City Calendar

Federal Way Community Center
876 South 333rd St.
Federal Way, WA 98003

Current and past meeting packets and agendas


Public Art

Federal Way Public Arts Flipbook
City of Federal Way Public Art Book      


Municipal Court Student Art Contest "What Liberty Means to Me"

2018 Winner Slide Show Movie

2019 Winner Slide Show Movie








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