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Framing City South is a community outreach project so that you can let us know how we can plan for a bright future together. The project is a partnership between the City of Federal Way and Sound Transit.


Why do we need to reimagine South Federal Way?

Our city and our region are continuing to grow. We need to think ahead and plan for smart ways to manage this future growth so that we can benefit from these big opportunities! South Federal Way is a unique and growing hub in our city that will soon be transformed by two major projects:

These projects feel like they are a long time off, but we need to start planning early! We need your help as we create a Vision Framework plan that will help to guide how South Federal Way will feel in 2030, 2040, 2050 and beyond. Similar to our past work with the City Center, our Framing City South project may mean new zoning or development rules to guide development toward achieving a community vision!

We need your help!

Framing City South is our opportunity to hear what you think about how we want to build on these opportunities for our community. Your thoughts will help us know what future we should work toward. South Federal Way will change, and we want to make sure that it changes in ways that provide our community with a bright future.

This is your opportunity to think big!

Over the coming months, you’ll have opportunities to share your ideas with us. You may see us out and about in your community. We’ll also host two online open houses that will help us share progress with you and gather your thoughts. These online open house sites will allow us to engage with you over a longer time and in a way that is convenient for you.

Project Schedule

If you’d like to keep up to date on the visioning process and learn more about upcoming events, sign up for our email list by clicking here.


Staff Contact

Ryan Medlen
Senior Planner
Community Development
City of Federal Way
(253) 835-2632